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  • Bridging the gap between academia & UK music

    MAP is designed to maximise the relationship between the industry and the educational institutions involved.

  • Linking industry with academia

    Learn – Connect – Guide – Influence – Showcase

  • A single central avenue for growth & innovation

    World-class collaborative research projects through to creating employable graduate opportunities.

  • Engagement, inclusivity & opportunity

    MAP undertakes new and innovative events, blending tech, accessibility and activities.

Dr Oliver Morris — An overview of the key features and benefits from UK Music

MAP (Music Academic Partnership)
Learn – Connect – Guide – Influence – Showcase

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We support our member institutions to deliver world class higher education through masterclasses, events, workshops, guest lectures from industry experts.


We bridge the gap between industry and academia connecting members and their students with industry leaders through events and networking.


We deliver leadership and guidance to students on future opportunities with our careers fairs, student placements, job resources and employment experts.


We lobby on behalf of music education and individual members at a regional and national policy level ensuring their voice is heard.


We project and amplify the activities and success of our members and their students.

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— MAP Membership

Interested in a  MAP membership?

Help educational institutions attract the brightest and best UK and international students, by demonstrating their close ties with the music industry.

Help ensure graduates are more employable in the music industry by offering them opportunities to participate in the industry ‘in action’.

Provide a platform for world-class collaborative research projects to address pertinent industry issues.

Provide a network to share ideas and communicate at a national and international policy level.

Provide a network to share ideas and communicate at a national and international policy level.

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MAP Member.

Learn more about the MAP membership and what it offers. Alternatively, get in touch. We welcome all new connections.

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Check Out the
Upcoming MAP Events.

Get involved and take advantage of the variety of events and activities hosted by MAP, fellow members, institutions and industry experts.

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Contribute &
Create Opportunities.

We marry creative insight with data to deliver successful user experiences. Through a process of iteration and prototyping, we design interfaces that bring joy to people while allowing them to get things done.


Conferences. Hackathons. Awards.

— Exciting, Innovative & Collaborative Events

Upcoming MAP Events

Take a look at some the events on the UK MAP calendar.


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MAP Awards

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Partner Panel

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