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Here at UK Music, we want our website to play a role in being part of a movement towards an internet that is open and inclusive for everyone. On this page we list just some of the steps we have taken to make as accessible as possible.

Keyboard Control: The UK Music website has been built to ensure users who wish to navigate the website using a keyboard only can do so. Navigation menus, including drop down menus, can be accessed via the Tab key.

System fonts: The UK Music website uses system fonts, meaning pages should load faster and provide a more consistent, readable experience across devices.

User Adjustable Font Sizes: The font sizes, padding and margins on this website have been built to accommodate the settings on a user’s browser. Users can visit browser preferences, change their font size, and the sizing and proportions of the UK Music website will update accordingly.

Skip to content links: The raw HTML contains a “Skip to content” link. This link has been ‘visually hidden’, as opposed to being set as ‘display:none’ – meaning that screen readers should be able to view this link.

Helping screen readers: Where possible, this website has been coded to include page landmarks with ARIA roles assigned to them in order to improve the functionality of the UK Music website on screen reader devices.

Accessible text contrast: The article text on the UK Music website archives an AAA rating for accessible colour contrast which helps with readability.

Respecting user choices: Footer links give users the choice of whether to click and highlight email addresses or telephone numbers to copy and paste into their application of choice or to click the labels next to them which will open default system applications.

Descriptive link text: Where possible, we try to avoid links which say things such as “click here” and opt instead for descriptive links that inform users exactly what they are clicking on e.g. “Visit our contact page”. Where possible, we also will notify users if a link goes to a different website. Visit w3c link text guidelines (opens in new window).

No adverts. This website contains no banners, adverts or popups. You can browse our website safe in the knowledge that we will never use advertising tracking scripts to store your data.

No distracting animations. Excessive use of animations, or components that move / change as a user interacts with a website can all serve to make the user experience unpredictable and slow down performance. Excessive animations can be particularly challenging for users who suffer with ADHD. We aim to present all of our information in a clear, concise manner – with usability and performance in mind.
Reporting accessibility problems with this website
If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of the UK Music website, please contact us by Email:

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