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About Us — Music Academic Partnership (MAP)

MAP is a ground-breaking collaboration between educational institutions and the membership of UK Music.

Our vision

MAP is a ground-breaking collaboration between educational institutions and the membership of UK Music. Its focus is on linking industry and academia more effectively to: nurture collaborative projects such as research and careers events; inform and engage with the next generation of industry professionals; develop expert knowledge-base to feed into education & skills policy work, and; provide individuals who want to build careers out of their passion for music with extra opportunities.

  • Learn
  • Connect
  • Guide
  • Influence
  • Showcase

Year-on-year before the pandemic music was one of the strongest parts of the economy. The music industry will bounce back and our MAP members are in a unique position to help in this recovery. The new landscape is ripe for innovation and fresh talent and UK Music is proud to support the next generation.

MAP is designed to maximise the relationship between the industry and the educational institutions involved. UK Music provides links and experiences that will helping the employability of the students enrolled in those institutions. Our MAP partners are future-proofing the music industry by ensuring new entrants have the right mix of experience and skills needed.


UK MAP Membership Benefits

UK Music works closely with our MAP members to build a bright future for the music industry.

Learn more

Help educational institutions attract the brightest and best UK and international students, by demonstrating their close ties with the music industry.

Help ensure graduates are more employable in the music industry by offering them opportunities to participate in the industry ‘in action’.

Provide a platform for world-class collaborative research projects to address pertinent industry issues.

Provide a network to share ideas and communicate at a national and international policy level.

Help young people wishing to pursue a career in the music industry decide which courses and institution best suits their needs

Reap the wider benefits of a long-term partnership between the music industry and educational institutions.


Years in the business

Learn – Connect – Guide – Influence – Showcase

Key Activities

  1. Bespoke Careers pack.
  2. BBC Music Introducing LIVE Careers Fair
  3. Stand at IPO Careers Fair ‘Skills Show’
  4. MAP Members highlighted in Careermag’s Careermap & Music Education Activity Map
  5. Paid Student Placements
  6. ‘OMGs’ – Outstanding Music Graduates Award + Event (Connect)
  7. Meetings with UK Music Members 
  8. Showcase performance opportunities.
  9. CIC / DCMS Discover Creative Careers
  10. Organised careers’ sessions with industry employment experts.

  1. UK Music website Members’ Area
  2. Christmas Drinks; Summer Party
  3. Music by Numbers Report Launch Event
  4. Support establishing new strategic partnerships for MAP Members
  5. Executive Lunches connecting academics and industry leaders in MAP Network.
  6. Reduced / no cost partner memberships e.g. FAC
  7. Production Futures; MAP Team open to partnership on Live Events

  1. The MAP Tour – conference held at MAP academic institutions comprising workshops, panel discussion from industry experts.
  2. Support creating and delivering HE Modules.
  3. Masterclasses – focussed on students exploring skills needed for careers in the industry. 
  4. Music Education Directory (MED), MAP Network highlighted. 
  5. Guest lectures from Industry experts for MAP Network.
  6. Research and UKRI Bid support from MAP team. 
  7. Music Education Activity Map / Skills Academy

  1. Lobbying on behalf of Music Education; inputting in policy debates e.g. National Plan for Music Education
  2. Lobbying support for MAP Members
  3. Involvement in City Region Music Boards

  1. Newsletters, email comms; MAP members and exclusive opportunities featured.
  2. UK Music MAP acts as a loudspeaker for members’ activities and successes.


Lobbying on behalf of Music Education; inputting in policy debates e.g. National Plan for Music Education

UK Music MAP take the lead on lobbying for Music Education – MAP/UK Music are members of the Creative Industries Council and lobby across a range of education and skills topics that impact the education sector including the National Plan for Music Education, EBacc, T-levels, apprenticeships and rehearsal spaces. Our major topic for the Part Political Conferences during 2018 was the Talent Pipeline for which we created this report: Talent Pipeline 2018

An example of a session is here: Lib Dem Conference

MAP/UK Music also highlight the issue in a wide range of high-profile settings: Maintaining UK Music

Lobbying support for MAP Members

General assistance on issues – MAP/UK Music support MAP members in terms of lobbying on specific issues where needed such as when they assisted LIPA by writing to the Minister on funding:

UK Music CEO calls for urgent Government rethink over “unfair and unjust” funding cut to LIPA

Involvement in City Region Music Boards

Involvement in establishing and running of City Region Music Boards that are directly relevant to some MAP members and have possibilities around future developments for all:

UK Music and Sheffield City Region Mayor announce launch of Music Board

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